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Kin & Company


Kin & Company is a Brooklyn-based studio creating furniture, objects, and spatial experiences. The founders and cousins, Joseph Vidich and Kira de Paola, carry their familial connection through a creative process that is rooted in the core principles of collaboration and curiosity.

The designs of Kin seek to engage their users through the combination of simple, elegant shapes with unexpected details and connections. Special focus is given to moments of transition: a shifted plane, the convergence of two materials, or a floating edge.

Their workflow emphasizes an integrated design and fabrication process where the act of making becomes a generative part of the design process. They cultivate in-depth knowledge of materials and the techniques used to shape those materials, attending to the quality and precision of every detail.

Kira has a degree in Studio Art from New York University. Joe completed graduate studies in Architecture at Columbia University, where he currently teaches design and fabrication. Together they have over 30 years of combined experience working in all facets of the design industry.