photograph by Michael Grimm

photograph by Michael Grimm

Louise Crandell

“Memory is a tricky thing. That said, I rely on mine a great deal.”

Simon Sharma observes in his book, Landscape and Memory, 'I think the most intensely felt landscapes are the ones we walk through as a child. The dreamlike version is a place of effortless, bucolic sweetness. The nightmare version is a slightly scary, sinister, dense place.'

I was born in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, moved to the Montana/Canadian border, on to upstate New York, to the Atlantic coast, to the glorious shores of Lake Michigan. All have influenced me, be it bucolic or dense.

My memories and dreams/subconscious have served me well. Reining them into a place of contemplative, ambiguous, other worldly abstraction is made by layers of oil paint and wax. They help me create worlds melding and moving into each other.