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Sawool Kim


I work on creating a new habitat landscape. The habitat is a place where my lucid dream extracts and endangered flora, fauna and object live in harmony with eachother.

I have a lot of interest in things existing in my dreams; something that is clearly present but does not really exist, and the others that exist in reality but are disappearing. In physics, an event horizon is defined as an area at the boundary of a black hole. Everything that passes through the event horizon vanishes. However, traces remain in the event horizon area. I think of myself as the event horizon, recreating the point of intersection, which is the zone between things from the unconsciousness (dream resources) and disappearing reality (the endangered plants and animals).

 I build a drawing database, called as 'Index', in which images come from both lucid dreams and endangered objects. It serves as an image dictionary and turns into a visual language, 'seed'. In the drawing database, every endangered object has an additional, supplemental device attached to its original appearance. In fact, this device functions as a tool for "socialization" and “adaptation” towards a new habitat and system of a society. I select several images from the database and make a painting of a new habitat-scape. As visual narratives from chain reactions continue to emerge between the initial images, an odd but charming landscape full of tensions and symbiosis can finally be made.

 In another series of Event Horizon, I also visualize an unconscious abstract zone as a habitat of endangered objects. I extract the pigments from the original habitats of them and create a color palette to generate the unconscious dimension. Using extruded paint strings, I “weave” the landscape.

Ultimately, what I want to depict is the scene full of shaking traces and histories of all the vanishing existence.