Hades, The Sidereal Pass by Stephen St. Francis Decky

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Hades, The Sidereal Pass by Stephen St. Francis Decky


by Stephen St. Francis Decky

Archival pigment print
17 x 22 inches
handsigned and numbered
Edition of 20


In mythological Hades, near an atoll at the edge of the River Lethe, a powerful, equinoctial alignment of stars occurs once every millennium; During this brief hiccup in the circle of life and death, a path back to "the real world" is opened, through which any given form of being recently departed from life's mortal coil may return, unfettered and unchanged, to the same body which it recently vacated. Unlike the loosely-translated Buddhist belief in reincarnation, the souls in this case do not progress or regress to other life forms; they instead re-awaken, much like one lost in a coma who, many days, months, or years later, suddenly and seemingly inexplicably comes back to life. This philosophy is directly referenced in The Myth of Er, the closing chapter of Plato's Republic, in which a soldier killed in battle re-awakens pre-funeral to tell the story of his journey through the underworld.

The painting Hades, The Sidereal Pass depicts the waning moments of a singular, fictional equinox. As the event reaches its apex, a flock of goats lost in a storm near Snaefell on the Isle of Man is herded from oblivion back into the real world of Birth, Life, Death, and the Ghost. 

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